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Church wedding/ Civil wedding
To fall in love with or in Dubrovnik is very easy, said a Dubrovnik poet, the academic Luko Paljetak. In Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities of the world, dreams become reality, and the wedding ceremony becomes unique and unforgettable. Be the kind of newlyweds who fulfil their storied dreams in Dubrovnik, creating a fairytale in a newly-discovered and magical ambience. Enjoy the top-of-the-line amenities, where romance is pervasive and where dreams are realised. Do you know that Dubrovnik, thanks to its unique "atmosphere" and unparalleled beauty, won first place on the list of the most romantic cities in the world? Get married here and see for yourself why Dubrovnik is magical! 

Numerous forts and palaces of the white stone city are ideal scenery for weddings. 

Lovrijenac fort is an ideal place to start enjoying your freedom, as a couple. Amidst the beauty of Lovrijenac it is not difficult to share your own freedom with a loved one. After the ceremony in St. Lovro chapel, celebrate your day on one of the terraces from which there is a magical view of the City - Libertas wedding.

Nymph's wedding, Trsteno, Enriched by the deft hands of men, this Arcadian place is where one of the most beautiful women of the European Renaissance, a red-headed poetess of Dubrovnik, Cvijeta Zuzorić, not only wrote her "love rhymes," but also practiced love. We can see there a magical water mirror in which nymphs look at themselves. How about having a wedding with a fountain below in the shade of the treetops of ancient trees?

A sailing experience on the Dubrovnik Argosy, the faithful replica of a ship from the 16th century, will take us back to a time when legendary seamen of Dubrovnik brought wealth and news to the City, where their faithful wives were waiting for them. With the wind in your hair and the appealing smell of the sea all around, you will sail into the marriage in a quite remarkable and unusual way. This is the unforgettableOdissey's wedding on a Dubrovnik Argosy!

View and visit the Elaphites archipelago near Dubrovnik, rich with olives, citrus, grapevine, numerous little churches and chapels, and gorgeous Renaissance summer houses. Dubrovnik noblemen's wedding.

Ethno wedding - especially attractive for the authentic heritage lovers. At a most beautiful place near Dubrovnik, Konavle, you encounter a region with rich and colourful traditions. Being a bride and a groom, wearing ornate folk costumes, accompanied by traditional chants, all while riding in a carriage pulled by a horse, along with a reception in a rustic basement of a traditional house of Konavle, with a sip of Malvazija, is to know how royalty lives.

If you wish to get married outdoors, on the coast, with the view of the endless horizon, and say your vows and the everlasting "yes" on a beach with pleasant scents of the Mediterranean herbs and the rhythmic sound of waves, then Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas is an ideal choice for romantic newlyweds.Happy (Hippy) vjenčanje